What is the connection between our Self Care & Social Impact?

My friend, Natasha Dworkin, Change Management and Impact Strategist: Founder, Matterhorn Creative and I wanted to dive into this topic. So we did! 

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Hey, Natasha, great to see you!

Hi, Nicole, it’s really great to see you too.

I’m excited to have this conversation with you today about harnessing our self care in order to up-level our social impact.

Me too. And thank you everyone for joining us!

Nicole and I both work with people who are currently making or who seek to make meaningful change in their lives, in their communities or the world. Nicole, do you want to start us off by just telling folks a little bit about yourself and what you do?

Sure, Natasha!

I feel like I’ve been on a path of healing and self discovery for like, 30 plus years now. And I was always kind of searching externally for happiness and to feel better…moving many times, changing careers, I even lived in different countries. But no matter what I did, I knew there was more depth to what I was supposed to be doing. And I still had various health issues going on to where I didn’t feel exactly 100%. So after a 12 year yoga practice, I decided to put myself into a 200 hour teacher training to figure out the next direction I would take. And I finally found my answer, that my next journey would be within.

So for the next four years, I dove deep into the physical, mental and emotional aspects of yoga for myself, and in classes I was teaching, and it really allowed me to create some life changing mindset shifts, a daily self care routine that included physical, mental and emotional support, a I really dug deep into my own body’s physiology, with various lab testing and planning the right meals out to ensure I was getting the right amount of nutrients. So now, I want to help others do the same. I truly believe that is only when we have the building blocks in place internally, that we can create the foundation that will support us as change makers externally.

And that’s where Natasha comes in.

Thank you so much.¬†I love what you’re doing.

And it’s a perfect tie into my work. So I help individuals and organizations level up their impact and create lasting change. For about 20 years now I’ve worked with nonprofit organizations, with government agencies and with social purpose businesses to help them tell their stories and amplify their impact and change the world. But after becoming pregnant with my son, Finn, unexpectedly at a later phase of life, I began to become increasingly aware of my own legacy and to ponder the world that I would leave behind for him.¬†And I also had a burning desire¬†to use my skills in helping people make change in ways that I felt more personally passionate about. So I pivoted, and I now work with women who are seeking to make transformative change¬†in their personal and professional¬†lives or in their communities or in the world to realize that change and to make it stick.¬†

Nicole and I became aware of one another and we very quickly realized that we have a very similar mission, we both want to help people become better change makers. The work that Nicole does to help people physically and emotionally and mentally create a foundation of strength and wellness that will allow them to then go out and be effective in the world is absolutely fundamental to the work that I do to help them create an implement and sustain change. So we wanted to dive into that a little bit more today and talk about the important connection between self care, healthy habits, movement, time management, and our ability to make positive change in the world.

We’re calling today’s conversation, change your mindset, change your habits, change the world, the critical connection between self care and social impact. And we are so glad that you’re here. Let’s jump right into the first question. It’s a pretty easy one. Nicole, do you want to take a stab at that one to get us started?

How are self care and social impact interrelated?


Yeah, sure.

Basically, I believe it’s very difficult to give to others, the planet, wildlife or any kind of cause you’re passionate about, if you yourself are not feeling well on any type of level. So this could be physically, mentally, emotionally. And one of the beautiful things I discovered about the yoga practice, is that it’s really the solution for all of these things.

The philosophy, the intentional movement, the breathing, the getting still, getting silent, meditation… is really what helps us to feel good, and then takes our level of consciousness higher. And when we can do that, we start to rise, our vibration, our frequency, our energy…whatever you want to call it, and you’ll naturally start to feel ready to help others and give back.

How do you see the connection Natasha?

Well, I love everything that you just said.

I would just add that there has long been a culture and social change movements where people feel like if they’re not giving 200%, they’re not giving enough. There has also been a history of burnout, and people feeling like the movement sort of chewed them up and spit them out.

Being involved in change, making can be intoxicating, in some ways, it can be very hard to stop once you get going, and particularly after you start to gain a little momentum. But if we don’t stop,¬†intentionally, if we don’t pause, if we don’t rest,¬†we don’t care for ourselves and for one another, we will be stopped by the limitations of our own physical and mental states, we’ll get sick, we will be simply too tired¬†to be¬†effective. So self care must be part of the equation if we’re to make change that is sustainable.

That’s great. I completely agree. And thank you. That’s a nice segue into the next question.

What’s one tip you would give someone who wants to make change but struggles with getting started?


It’s a really good question. And it’s such a common one. So often, we have a sense that we want to do something, we want to do more, we want to make a difference, but we just don’t know how to get started or how to get traction. So this might be counterintuitive to some. But the place I always suggest starting is at the end. I always recommend starting at the end and getting really clear about what the destination looks like.

  • What is this change that you’re seeking to make look like?
  • How will you know when you’ve arrived there?
  • What will be the indicators of your success?

It’s only when we know where we’re going, that we can begin to plot out how we’re going to go. So once you have that clarity about what the destination looks like, and what is this change, you’re trying to make the decisions about what to do first and which direction to head in start to come into much clearer view as well.

Nicole, where do you suggest people start when it comes to getting their sort of internal house in order so they can be more effective, externally,

I suggest something similar, a daily self care roadmap, you could kind of call it, to really know what you’re going to be doing each and every day to give back to your physical, mental and emotional state.

Planning your schedule, mapping out really hour by hour, and any time management tips and tricks that work for you:

  • Taking breaks
  • Setting a timer
  • Making sure you’re getting healthy food and lots of water all day long.

These are all basic, BUT super important things that keep your energy up, keep your mood positive so you stay productive and creative. And then there’s the deep internal work and self-reflection…yoga philosophy, journaling, intentional movement and breathing, meditation. We need to find time to fit this kind of stuff in.

And I think if we’re just winging it every day, we’re not going to find the time that it takes to take care of ourselves on all these various levels. And it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. But it does take some planning out each day to make sure we do it.

Nicole, where can people find you and learn more about you?

I have a website: www.nicoleturneryoga.com. And that’s gonna have all my information and information about all my classes, my schedule, my social media, and everything that I do.

I also have a website: www.matterhorncreative.com. That’s the name of my strategic communications agency. I’m also on social media at Natasha Dworkin.

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Thank you everyone. Thank you, Nicole and mentioned that we will be on clubhouse Wednesdays throughout May from 12pm-1pm PST to continue this conversation about the relationship between self care and social impact. Follow us on our socials to learn how you can join us… and¬†happy change-making!


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