I simply love my classes with Nicole. She is very nice, competent and guides you with a loud and clear voice. She offers great flows, essential oils, meditations and calm relaxing music. After her Yin Yoga class, I’m always completely relaxed, healed and in Zen. She always ends the class with a super nice meditation while you relax. You often chant mantras with her, and she often talks about how the poses help to balance the your chakras. Each class is a different challenge, good for relaxing and calming down. The use of essential oil is good too and you’ll sleep great afterwards. Her Vinyasa Flow class is also super cool with focus on breath. She always tells you not to do more then what your body can and gives you an alternative rest position if the positions are too challenging. Nicole is an inspiration for me and you can truly feel her passion for yoga.

Christina Kjær

Nicole is a very passionate and dedicated yoga instructor. I love the fact that she combines her yoga classes with essential oils. Every class she hand picks different a aromatic essential oil that is in-sync with the yoga moves. She expertly modifies the moves every session so you get to try different moves and puts up a fun challenge towards the end. After a long day of office work, her classes are a big source of relaxation and calm for me. Thank you Nicole!

Sasan B.

I had Nicole for private lessons in the stunning Hunter Valley wine country in New South Wales, Australia. She was a phenomenal teacher and took the flow at a really helpful pace for a amateur like me. Nicole incorporated great tunes, breathing and mixed level of intensity for the session. Her teaching style is helpful, supportive, yet challenging. Thanks Nicole – I can’t wait to get more private classes from you when I visit California!

Tasha D.

I’m enjoying Nicole’s classes at the Villas of Renaissance for the last few months. She has her own style, making her sessions unique, but also calm, comfortable, welcoming and beneficial for health.

Evgenia G.

Nicole Turner is an excellent yoga teacher, whom I would highly recommend for either one of her private classes or for one of her group classes around San Diego. She is very easy to follow in class, gives clear and concise instructions, is very knowledgeable, and is great with giving variations to poses and postures according to your practice level. You also get some added bonus’s such as essential oils, if you want, and a guided meditation during class. All this makes for an outstanding, top of the line yoga experience.

Timothy C

So far I’ve had 3 private sessions with Nicole in her home in the past month. Prior to these sessions, I had tried several yoga classes all around San Diego, but was not a fan. I told her about my apprehension and that I wasn’t that interested, but she convinced me that the teacher and style is what matters. She was right and I am so happy I listened! The Hatha style Nicole introduced me to immediately resonated with me. I absolutely loved it. Nicole is very knowledgeable and guided me through some beautiful experiences. Nicole is truly living her passion and it shows in her teaching style. She also incorporated essential oils, which made the experience even better. I am slowly but surely becoming a regular. I highly recommend Nicole Turner Yoga!

Tina L.

Nicole’s Friday Yin class is fantastic! It was a great combination of sustained stretch and restorative type poses sprinkled with a few more challenging poses and a pranayama. I really enjoy the mindfulness aspect to her classes and her use of essential oils is an added bonus. Nicole also plays really great music that fits the tone of the class beautifully. The last Friday class I went to gave me that perfect mind and energetic reset that I needed! As someone who’s done a fair bit of yoga I always get something out of a class I go to, but I really tend to get that extra special deep reset that we all seek from Nicole’s classes. If you’re anything like me you will walk away from her classes with a sense of ease, peace, and relaxation.

Caleb S.

Nicole’s yoga instruction is incredible. She is so knowledgeable about the history, philosophy, mind and body practices, and more. You can tell she really walks her talk. Each class has so many health benefits, plus you learn more about history and deeper meaning in the practice. She is also a stellar human being. Don’t miss her classes!

Jen B.

Nicole’s Yin Yoga class on Friday is great! Challenging, yet a great low impact workout. Nicole, the instructor, does an amazing job! I was relaxed and rejuvenated and felt like I was walking on clouds as I left. Great for Friday nights (especially after a long week). Accessing Nicole’s breath & depth of knowledge in asanas, chakras and breath work – is the icing on the cake. I’d like to check her schedule to see if she teaches yoga elsewhere in the La Jolla/Pacific Beach area. Can’t wait to walk on clouds again!

Abhi A.

Nicole is an amazing teacher and individual! She did several personal sessions at my home in Australia. She was able to identify our physical and emotional challenges to get the best of each session. She expanded me both as a writer, she opened up another dimension to my world to allow for open thought, and stretched me physically past my arthritic barriers. Love her and only wish I now was close by to continue the journey!

Laura G.

Yoga that offers physical and mental fitness to the level of your ability. Nicole offers a variety of disciplines (I have attended vinyasa and yin) and she keeps things fresh by changing flows and has monthly focus on different focal points of the body, blending in verbal notes and music to go along with the theme. Attending the class has helped me develop physical strength as well as relieve the stresses of working in a demanding corporate culture.

D S.

It’s been a great experience beginning my yoga journey with Nicole. During our private sessions, she helps keep me centered and the classes are reinvigorating. She has been an inspiration on my journey into yoga and has helped to unite my mind and body with a direction towards becoming one and finding relaxation and movement away from the daily stress of life. Thank you for your dedication, energy, warmth and instruction to yoga and the meaningful transition it brings through your coaching to your clients like me -Namaste!

Bob M.