Vinyasa Flow


The word vinyasa means to ‘put down, arrange or distribute’.                      Yoga in San Diego

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is the art of linking a series of postures together into a graceful, seamless flow, practiced with continuity between body, mind, breath and movement. When breath and movement are linked, the mind becomes absorbed in the practice, calming its flucuations – which is one of the vital steps to reaching the goal of yoga.

Benefits of this style include:

  • Learn to move progressively from easy to difficult, simple to complex, gross to subtle and external to internal.
  • In between the flows, this practice offers opportunities to rest and recover. During these rest periods, students are encouraged to return to a focused breath, which re-centers their nervous and energetic systems.
  • Focus and concentration offers students a conscious and continuous experience of mindful movement with breath.
  • All levels can participate in this style, as I give beginning to advanced options.

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