Yoga Events


Yoga Events


Online Yoga, Outdoor Yoga, and Indoor Yoga Options!


If you live in San Diego or are visiting for a holiday, I partner with other healers, musicians and yogis to deliver memorable, soul nourishing yoga events outdoors at beautiful parks, beach & bay locations. Indoor events will start up again when they are allowed.

For my GLOBAL friends, I look forward to connecting with you ONLINE with my yoga events!

In addition to my weekly LIVE virtual classes, each month you can look forward to a donation-based online yoga class where the proceeds will go to an organization I’ve partnered with.

The aim… to bring more awareness to AMAZING work people are doing around the world and to give YOU to the opportunity to learn, contribute and volunteer if you feel called to do so.

I decided to start these yoga events because I have an interest in using yoga’s tools to help people RISE and uncover how they can be a part of a solution. When this happens, I truly believe ALL livings things, including our planet, will benefit.

If you would like to create a private yoga event for an occasion, feel free to email me: [email protected]



ONLINE Yin Yoga + Guided Meditation + Sound Healing w/
Bags For Bali!

I’ve teamed up with my friend Andrew that lives in Bali to donate all proceeds of this class to his cause.

Each bad includes: 5kg bag Rice, 1 crate of eggs, 5 packs of noodles, 1kg cooking oil, 3 pieces tempe and a bag of vegetables. 100% of your donation goes to the bags of food they hand pack and deliver to those in need here in Bali during these uncertain times. One family can eat for a week or more on one bag worth $10.

Date: Monday – 6/28/21
Location: ZOOM
Time: 6pm – 7pm

Register below and donate $10 minimum Venmo: @NicoleTurnerYoga



Class Description

Yin Yoga consists of non-standing poses held for a couple minutes each. Physically you are applying moderate stress to fascia (connective tissue) that surrounds the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, organs and systems, with the aim of increasing circulation, flexibility, relaxation, detoxification and releasing stored emotional trauma & tension. Mentally you are practicing sensory withdrawal & concentration preparing you for meditation which helps increase focus, mood, compassion, empathy, improves relationships, productivity, creativity and more. 

Guided Meditation is an active form of meditation where I will talk you through the experience to achieve a mentally clear, emotionally balanced and physically pain free state of being. Active forms of meditation (continuous concentration & engagement of 1 or more of the 5 senses) are a great way to start prepping for passive meditation (complete deactivation of the 5 senses & sitting in stillness and silence). Passive meditation can be challenging, and I can teach that in private yoga sessions if you are interested.  

Sound Healing is an active form of meditation where I play a crystal sound bowl to create healing vibrations that go through the skin and actually vibrate the water in your body, assisting in taking you to a deeper meditative state. This can also be great for reducing and managing stress, emotional health, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, mental health, heart health and more. 

Overall, you can expect to feel renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated when it’s over.¬†All levels are welcome, and modifications will be offered. If you have a specific injury or physical limitation, please email me prior to class and let me know.





ONLINE Yin Yoga + Guided Meditation + Sound Healing w/
Global Conservation Force! 

Recording available if you missed this event

Register below and Donate HERE and then I will send you the recording



Why Global Conservation Force?

In¬†addition, I decided to partner with the¬†Global Conservation Force¬†(GCF) because of my interest in wildlife conservation. Then in 2018, a friend shared some disturbing facts with me about the number of African rhinos being killed for their horns and after a couple phone calls we started a small effort to raise money for the¬†World Wildlife Fund’s anti-poaching¬†campaign.

After this experience, I was called to do more and wanted to somehow merge my passion of yoga with my desire to help causes around the world. I started my search with local organizations and was excited to find out that GCF was founded by a guy from Southern California named, Mike Veale! I emailed him to see if there was interest in chatting about my collaboration ideas… and he responded yes.

Mike told me about his CRAZY journey with wildlife conservation here in San Diego (I had no idea animals were being poached here illegally) and why he started GCF Рwhich is dedicated to saving wildlife from extinction through education, anti-poaching and conservation efforts.  

We also chatted about my goals of using yoga to help people experience the UNION that this practice was created for. I believe it starts by helping people feel good physically, mentally and emotionally… and once people are fit in these three areas of their life, they have the space to start thinking bigger. Maybe first stepping outside the bubble of their family and friends to get more involved in¬†their community and then possibly beyond.

He loved the idea and said it would align great with conservation retreats he currently runs, where he shows people the magic of Africa’s beautiful people, landscape and wildlife, but also uses the trips as an educational¬†experience¬†to help people become aware of this country’s challenges and allows them opportunities to get involved, donate and volunteer.¬†

My goal in the future is to lead collaborative retreats with people like Mike and the Global Conservation Force where we can bring both our passions together for a truly unique educational, soul nourishing, travel experience. Helping people not only get to see countries around the world, but also be supported physically, mentally, emotionally with yoga and know their travels made a positive impact on the places they went to.